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2012-6-26 · Undo and lift out the timing belt centre cover and the lower cover. Slacken the tensioner nut and rotate it anti-clockwise before removing the belt and tensioner. Installation. Ensure that the timing marks are still aligned and install the tensioner. Fit the timing belt to the crankshaft sprocket first and the water pump sprocket second.

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  • Super beetle and convertible have slight negative king pin offset. Super beetle has square glove box knob. Warning light for hand brake. Ghia has thicker front disc pads. Last year of Ghia in the US. Internal regulator to alternator in late 74. Distributor gets vacuum and centrifugal advance. In a four-cylinder engine, the angle between each ignition cam lobe is 90° and the period of points closure or "DWELL" is usually a bit over 45° of distributor rotation. In a six-cylinder engine, the lobes are 60° apart and the dwell time is 30° to 35°. The dwell is adjusted by setting the points gap to a specified distance at maximum opening.

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     · On the Clutch fly wheel, there is a Diamond cut, and a (0) mark. Zero is what you want, the Diamond is the 6 BTC mark, so you want to move it as you are looking at it to the left for the zero. Some Manufacturers of the replacement flywheels and plates failed to place the "0" on their casting, but did cut the notch.